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a look at these pictures. a family from texas spent two days buried underneath 4 feet of snow and ice. couple and their 5-year-old daughter became stuck on a highway in new mexico when a blizzard swept through that area. equipped with some snacks and water inside their car, the higgins family clung together for warmth, they say. emergency crews eventually discovered them after hitting their s.u.v. with a pole. both adults are recovering from pneumonia. there's the headlines. >> thank you very much. politics now, one week from tomorrow, if you can believe it, the first votes of the 2012 election will be cast in the caucus. the presidential candidates are back in the hawkeye state after taking the weekend off. >> joining us with details is kelly wright who was in that seat yesterday. hope you had a great christmas. >> i did indeed. i spent most of it with you, ainsley and clayton. good to see you. i know you were with your lovely family as well yesterday. we're not sure what gift the republican candidates received from santa but we do know what's at the top of their wish list. ha is to
's great, though. let's get to the headlines and tell you what is happening in news. texas governor rick perry fighting back after virginia left him off their ballot for the primary. he has filed a lawsuit in federal court in an attempt to get his name on their march 6th primary ballot. former entering newt gingrich also missed the ballot. both men they say failed to collect enough ballot signatures. and caucus people have arrived in iowa to occupy the campaign headquarters from now until next tuesday's caucus. the and 20 for mitt romney's red quarters and one nor rick santorum. even in that race he want get more. and a mexican-american teenager, friends and family holding a vigil for 18-year-old alexis moron in chicago. he was found dead inside of a trunk of a burned out car. he was in mexico to visit his girlfriend. friends and family say they are still in shock. >> it is depressing. we just can't get over it. it's a terrible, terrible death. >> he had everybody happy and made everybody smile and he's just going to leave a big hole in everyone's part. >> they usually travel with him to
to land shortstop jose raez and pitcher mark burly. there's word they're in negotiations with texas rangers pitcher c.j. wilson. someone tell them they're a small market. so much for taking it easy during the off season. tmz reporting this. dodgers first baseman james looney arrested after crashing his mazaratti and then spitting at an officer after taking a breathalyzer test. the incident reportedly happened last month but just coming to light now. police say looney was acting erratically although he passed the drug and alcohol test. no word of he'll face charges. the f.b.i. is now investigating allegations that the russian mafia rigged the bids for the world cup. you remember, the u.s. entered a bid to host the 2022 games but mysteriously lost to cutter who can't play at that level. the u.k. lost the bid to host in 2018 to russia. they believe they may have hacked into the e-mails or bribed officials for the vote. "sports illustrated" is working on this. coming up on radio, amongst our guests on kilmeade & friends. these are not our guests. that's not it. those aren't them. that's
of the great state of texas, rick perry is out and taking a shot at washington. >> if washington is the problem, why trust them to fix it? among them, they spent 63 years in congress leaving us with debt, earmarks and bailouts. congress gets $174,000 a year and you get the bill. we need a solution. >> that's the reason i've called for a part-time congress. cut their pay in half. cut their time in washington in half. cut their staff in half. send them home. let them get a job like everybody else back home. >> i'm rick perry and i approved this message. >> let's take a look at where the candidates are in the polls today. everything is a snapshot but today, it's interesting, real clear politics crunches all the numbers together and then gives you an average and ron paul is at the top with 22.3%. >> perhaps more telling, though, is where newt gingrich is this morning because all the headlines if you read their take on this poll is newt slips to third. look at that. who was up in iowa? a lot of people have been making the point about newt gingrich that of those candidates who have su
. they brought other trucks from down state in here to help us, also. >> we've got some video out of texas from around amarillo that shows people trying to drive through there in almost white-out conditions. amarillo, not that far from here, all part of the same region on the panhandle. we're talking about an area that is right by kansas, right by texas, right by colorado, and real close to new mexico so a lot of places, you all work together. do you coordinate your effort? >> yeah, the state department helps us a tremendous amount. the county -- our texas county commissioners help us here locally, too, and all the small towns to coordinate the effort between emergency management, fire department, police department, public works, everybody has to jump in together and we've had several meetings, watched the national weather service, they do a lot of conferences with us. so we -- we're prepared for it. we got my guys already out. the city street guys are already out. i got other department heads that are coming in to help bring in our heavy equipment. >> all right. thank you very much. roads are
area code. larry gatlin from his now native texas is with us in brian's place. >> well, i've moved from texas back to nashville. i tell people, back in lighter days before 9/11, i used to say that i was an american by birth and a texan by the grace of god. so i think thaurz a 10 year -- there's a 10 year, i still honor and respect those who lost their lives. i came last night, you're from minnesota, right? >> yeah. >> we were in -- we were in -- so far north in wisconsin that i was saying eh? you know, a lot of nice people there at the lake of the torches casino. had a great time. nice to be here with you kids. >> on friday when you were also here, you said that you were going to wear a little red. and so steve and i planned accordingly. now, usually we don't all match here on the set. if we do, trust me, folks, it's by happen stance. >> today, we do. >> are they clashing a little bit? >> christmas season is coming. joining us on the phone is the author of "time to get tough" good morning to you, mr. trump. >> good morning and good morning to larry. a friend of mine for many years a
. we're not in kansas anymore or are we? >> it is great to be back in the state of texas. state of kansas. >> hold on, he says there's an explanation. we'll find out what you think. plus snow cones -- why the heck is homeland security using your money to buy this machine? first, happy birthday to my only real friend. we're not as close as we used to be. singer turned 31 today. people love the surf & turf. you can't go wrong. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's surf & turf. 3 grilled comnations all under $20. like our maine lobster with peercorn sirloin, or our new baconrapped shrimp with blue cheese sirin for $14.99. i'm john mazany and i sea food differently. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. ♪ my hair is gone ♪ cheap cologne ♪ motor home ♪ i'm the rocket man! [ both ] ♪ rocket man ♪ burning out his fuse up here alone ♪ burning out his fuse up here alone? ahh. [ male announcer ] crystal clear fender premium audio. one of many premium features available on the a
, the response time was two hours. texas governor rick perry and minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann the latest republican presidential candidates to decline an invitation to donald trump's debate in iowa. so far, there's only two people that will take part in this debate, newt gingrich and rick santorum. debate is set for december 27th. president obama celebrating hanukkah at the white house two weeks early. he got a head start on the jewish holiday because he will be on vacation maybe in hawaii when hanukkah actually starts on december 20th. hanukkah to christmas now. here's a cool look at the making of the capitol christmas tree. >> this time lapse video shows the tree being hoisted up to workers putting up the lights, to house speaker john boehner flipping the switch. >> five, four, three, two, one! >> the tree stands 63 feet high. it's covered with 5,000 ornaments and 10,000 l.e.d. lights. >> beautiful. >> those are your headlines. >> by the way, regarding our christmas tree here in the studio, i just looked it up, gretch, they don't refer to -- it's a martha stewart, i belie
right there in texas with the gentleman turning around -- i say gentleman, but the father turning around and shooting his two daughters while driving in a taxi that he own, by the way, and he did it because he said his daughters were getting too westernized. what is going on with the communities that come here and can't embrace all of the western culture, and many people in america respect their religion but they are doing this to their own children. >> they are. we are seeing more and more of this, the more we see the rise of islamic immigration to the west. this is a new problem we are having to deal with, whether america, canada, australia, i think land. in europe they are having such a major problem with it, that they met at the hague in a conference just to discuss this. >> real quickly, because i don't want to lose time, but one important question is and i think you alluded to it with what the hague is doing, what can americans do, and muslim groups and all racial and ethnic and even human rights groups and christian groups do to help the muslims engage in this community and not do
of a south texas middle school. one of the victims is in critical condition. police are questioning three deer hunters who were -- they were hunting near the school. investigators say it's still too early to tell whether the boys were targeted or if the shooting was accidental. christmas arriving early for one military mom. theresa caldwell's day is usually filled with surprises working in the lunchroom at st. stevens school. this is my hometown, i think. i didn't know that, this is in minnesota. but this surprise topped them all. >> if that's st. stevens in minnesota, there it is. caldwell was shocked when her son, army national guard sergeant showed up. mom had no idea her son was able to get a two week leave from duty in kuwait just in time for christmas. how wonderful. those are your headlines. >> that's very, very nice. >> two minutes after the top of the hour. it happened in new hampshire yesterday. newt gingrich scheduled to be there. mitt romney scheduled to be there. when newt gingrich came to the podium and keep in mind, too, newt gingrich comes to new hampshire, a guy that alm
. remember, this was going to be the pipeline from canada down to texas that at one point, president obama was in favor of. why? because it would create up to 20,000 jobs. and we are in an economy right now where we need to try to create jobs. but those who opposed it were the environmentalists. remember about a month ago, the president came out and said we're not going to make a decision until after the election and many people thought that was politics. now the republicans have attached that to this payroll extension. and the president has said, i will veto it so if he's working both sides of the fence on this, that's what the majority whip kevin mccarthy is saying. >> such hypocrisy. here's a presiden that campaigns around the country saying we can't wait. he says i can't make a decision. this is a pipeline that comes from canada and goes all the way to louisiana. supplies energy and make our energy price lower. if we don't make the decision, canada will sell it to china. this is a pattern of behavior when he was in the senate, his number one vote was to abstain. >> i'll tell you what,
've done in the state of texas. i'll talk about passing a balanced budget amendment to the united states congress and i'll talk about having the type of part time congress that americans are ready for. there are a lot of folks out there. a lot of folks said tim tebow wasn't going to be a very good nfl quarterback and people stood up and said he doesn't have the right throwing mechanisms or he doesn't, you know, he's not playing the game right and, you know, he won two national championships and that looked pretty good. we're the national champions in job creation back in texas but am i ready for the next level? let me tell you, i hope i'm the tim tebow of the iowa caucuses. >> a good line. >> he got some laughs after that. >> he did. mitt romney also had a number of lines that were affable and amusing so obviously, you want the audience who is watching to think you're a normal guy. i can laugh with you. not at you. here's john huntsman. let's see how his joke works. >> i think people are coming around to finding i am the consistent conservative in this race. they're coming around to fi
homes, especially in areas like the south texas, oklahoma. but we also need homes -- we need foster homes everywhere and we pay all vet bills. so if you have a home to give a little one a place to hang his hat, then we need you. there is an application to do that on our web site. >> gretchen: how long typically does a foster family take care of a bichon? >> you never know. with these two, they will probably fly out the door after being on your great show this morning. we have some others that may be a little older that may be in rescue a couple of months and then we have some hospice dogs in rescue not really for adoption. they're there and we're taking care of them until god tells us it's time. and so we have about 200 bichons and mixes in rescue right now. you want to talk! >> dave: thank you to bebop and boo ray and i'm sure they'll find a home soon. >> gretchen: we'll link it to "fox & friends." we'll have more dogs on wednesday. >> dave: coming up, does this look familiar? these drawings for new buildings look an awful lot like burning twin towers. we're reading your e-mails on
england. 60's in the mid atlantic down through florida and 40's currently in portions of texas. today's daytime highs are only 41. another chilly day in the big d of dallas. 31 in kansas city, missouri. kansas city, kansas, probably about the same. 38 today in chicago and it looks like 61 should be the daytime high in new york city. if you're lucky enough to live in florida, today a beautiful day in tampa and 81 degrees. all right. tuesday morning, monday night football. >> yeah, are you ready for some last place football? it was monday night football the way it ought to be. two teams with nowhere to go and nowhere to play. let's play some football. chargers were evidence to be good. they have phillip rivers taking on the jacksonville jaguars. two minutes until half to him, rivers, vincent brown makes the catch. 17-14. after the chargers interception, rivers, another chance before halftime. two touchdowns in 70 seconds. chargers roll to a victory. they just changed owners and coaches. all star shortstop jose raez may be the newest resident but marlins could catch another big fish. age
texas and the governor of texas just has no momentum. that's according to the former president. and doesn't really seem to be getting any traction. so he's going to go somewhere else. i strongly believe that my sources are correct in saying that there was no love lost between 41 or 43 for the governor of texas right now. >> steve: meanwhile, 41 will indeed officially endorse, and that probably will be forth coming eventually, who else? there is a picture from earlier this month, december 1 -- >> brian: could i add one thing? mitt romney said if jeb bush, he has so much respect for the bushes, if jeb bush said he will run, he would not run. he said he would have supported jeb bush. >> steve: who are some of the other big prominent republicans who people are waiting to find out who they endorse? well, there would be, as you look from left to right, you got the speaker of the house. you got the house senate minority leader, huckabee, jon stewart mccain, former governor, sarah palin, herman cain, joe lieberman, and who will donald trump endorse? >> juliet: who do you think the hott
perry, the governor of the great state of texas. how many have they put out about newt gingrich? absolutely zero. >> that's all changing now, though. rick perry was neck and neck with mitt romney. it makes sense as to why they would have done that. it will be interesting to see if they too that now because gingrich may have more staying power than other candidates. in an interview last night, i thought it was very interesting and probably strategically on point for newt gingrich to compliment every other candidate in this race and he worked that into the interview and i thought that was very important. it's been sort of his way of doing things and is that what people also like about him? is that an undertone that they like about him? >> well -- go ahead, bri. >> he also went ahead and one thing about newt gingrich, you leave an interview with something new. and for example, he didn't say oh, if i take on president obama, i'll challenge him, he even had a plan for this. and how he'd do it. listen. >> when i am the nominee in tampa, and we're there and we're doing your show, at
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would create chaos in the world's most important oil route. >>> well, texas governor and republican presidential candidate rick perry questioning the defense department's dedication to the military. he told a crowd about the decision not to hold the parade marking the end of the iraq war. he sad it's nothing but a insult to the troops. >> it disturbs me after nine years of war in iraq this president wouldn't welcome home our heroes with a simple parade in their honor. >> alisyn: we talked about this story yesterday. so many of you weighed in. according to the pentagon no one asked for a parade so nothing was scheduled. >>> talk about skirting the law. watch closely as this woman hides a 24 case of beer under her skirt and walks off with no trouble at all. >> steve: how? does she have a giant magnet down there? >> alisyn: that stolen case of beer is believe to have weighed about 20 pounds. others say she might have had a basket like device to support the weight using suspenders. >> steve: disturbing, but inventive, perhaps. and let's see where it is snowing, that's the great lakes, a
does deserve some due as a long-time congressman from texas who has won the hearts of main stream republicans there. i think the problem with ron paul has been for several years, the baggage that he refuses to rid himself of with all sorts of 9-11 conspiracy nuts, anti-israel activists and fringe radicals who have weighed town his candidacy and i think separate and apart from that, of course, he himself has said that he doesn't know if he would have the wear with all and endurance to make it through the general election. so even he can't disagree i think in some sense with rush's assessment. >> gretchen: but do you think any other republican besides ron paul can beat president obama? >> i think with the unemployment numbers looking like they are now and like they will be in the spring, i think that's certainly true. of course, all of these polls say that generic republican looks like a sure bet against barak obama. maybe what we should have is up with of these candidates change their names to make it a lock. >> brian: i think people that think that president obama is going to lose
bread cookie jumping out. from a texas school district banning santa claus and gifts, to rhode island holiday tree, the war on christmas in full seen. our next guest is putting a capital c in christmas. >> steve: daniel baldwin joins us live here in the curvy couch. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: we've been talking for the last week, you know, over the last couple of years, people have started noticing there seems to be an assault, a war on christmas. they're trying to get rid of christmas, replace it with holiday. for instance, up in new hampshire, governor chaffey says that's not a christmas tree. that is a holiday tree. >> gretchen: rhode island. >> steve: rhode island. >> i think that christmas is getting a ho, ho, hosed. what does it matter? this country was founded on believing in what it is that you participate in and if somebody wants to celebrate hanukkah, let them hell brought hanukkah. if you want to celebrate christmas and have a tree out, who cares? >> gretchen: everyone needs to be politically correct now. right? that's the society we live in. >> yeah. i
texas equisearch says smith personally requested his assistance and promised to do all he could to help. she's been missing since november 17th, the same day they appeared on "the people's court" arguing over the cost of their engagement ring. christmas in the capital. president obama and his family ringing in the holiday in washington, d.c. last night. joining their guests in a christmas carol. >> ♪ as we go along walking in a winter wonderland ♪ >> coming up, we'll talk to khaline christian burke, a former member of the white house decorating team. get all those tips of how to make your house look like the white house. >> turn every house into tinseltown. >> two tree lightings in two days for the president. because he's here in new york. let's talk a little bit about rasmussen polls. even if you say to yourselves, this is sizable or this is not the poll i go to, this is certainly noteworthy. look at this national poll of the g.o.p. nominees. newt gingrich is on top but by a substantial margin -- >> 21 points>> over mitt romney and herman cain and ron paul locked. >> of the 1,00
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)